Industrial grade mobile sales platform for SME's


iSell is a suite of iPhone and iPad point-of-sale apps.

iSell for mobile sales teams

A mobile sales platform custom built for one of the leading importers and distributors of branded beverages in the Czech Republic. It enables the company's field force to process orders from clients at any time and in any place. The platform is integrated with the company's existing in-house accounting software and has managed transactions of EUR10m+ to date.

iSell was the first digital solution to be fully compliant with the stringent legal frameworks for distribution of alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic, introduced by the Government, following the horrific methanol poisoning in 2012 by rogue bootleggers that lead to the death of at least 51 people. iSell enables a streamlined sales process, and production-batch-specific tracking of every item sold.

iSell for merchants

A SmartCity platform enabling merchants to sell online products and services from their till.


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VERB Group is leveraging upTAXI's technology and insight to launch a new suite of solutions to address a wide range of dispatch services for integrated SmartCity applications.

Taxi (urban)

Taxi (airport)

Social Services

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Waste Industry

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