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We have spent a great deal of time analyzing the SmartCity needs of Government, Service Providers and Citizens.

Our conclusion: keep it simple stupid.

SmartCity platforms that require interaction between Government, Service Providers and Citizens will not go viral unless they put experience, emotion and engagement front and center. They need to empower all parties equally. To this end we have built, from the ground up, a cloud-hosted transaction platform that can ingests data from any Government database with an API, connect seamlessly to Service Providers with automatic actionable tasks and directly improve the environment that Citizens care deeply about. We call it Easy.Smart.City.


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It is incredibly difficult to make something simple. Yet that is exactly what we have done.

We know that city managers are looking for ways to address problems, streamline processes and balance budgets. We know that service providers try to innovate, but are stuck with a rigid mandate to perform mission critical tasks with outdated data. We know that citizens are willing - wanting - to help guide city managers to improve their experience.

The smartphone is the apex of interaction.

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