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NOVAERUS Reference: Löwenstein Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG

Löwenstein Medical has been providing the best possible therapy for 30 years as a manufacturer and supply company. Löwenstein Medical is a specialist in homecare, diagnostics and hospitals, with a broad product portfolio of ventilators and breathing masks, the company covers the entire range of ventilation therapy. As experts in breathing, this reference is especially powerful!

"After we had discovered the risk of airborne viruses, e.g. influenza and others, before Covid-19, we installed the Novaerus Protect 800 in our larger offices, busy corridors and in our production warehouse. The device is almost noiseless, works around the clock and offers our 120 employees here in Steinbach an additional level of security. The air in the offices has been noticeably fresh since then, and the general improvement in air quality since the devices were installed is rated very positively. Since Covid-19, the use of the Novaerus NV800 has been expanded in order to guarantee all team members the best possible protection."
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