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Süddeutsche Zeitung: Air purification without the hassle of changing filters

"These air purification devices do not filter the air like conventional HEPA filters, explained Beil, but instead destroyed the germs in the air. They were originally developed for operating theaters and clinics. "They clean the sucked-in air in a fraction of a second using several mechanisms that work simultaneously," says Beil. This would neutralize 99.99 percent of the viruses and germs in the air. Allergens and odors would also be reduced. There would be no harmful by-products. Another advantage of the devices is that no filters have to be cleaned or replaced and no hazardous waste is generated. There are now 70 of them in primary schools, in classrooms, teachers' rooms, the rectorate and other rooms."
"The grammar school and the town hall administration will soon also be equipped with such devices. The local council decided unanimously on Tuesday evening. The grammar school will also receive 140 pieces of equipment, the town hall needs 88 pieces."

Link to article here.

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