upTAXI ​is a Telefónica funded company that has developed a state-of-the-art transport technology platform for the advancement of sustainable eMobility for private, communal and commercial use. In 2015 the company launched the largest fleet of hybrid taxis in the Czech Republic in collaboration with a local operator and global leasing firm.

VERB Group and upTAXI are currently developing partnerships to deploy fleets of zero-emission electric vehicles in public transport, logistics and the waste industry from 2017. Working together with local government, energy companies, auto manufacturers and financial institutions, we aim to set the pace for innovation in eMobility Fleets.

Launching with the taxi industry is proof of concept, because it is the most challenging transport solution to model in real-time with accurate location, identity and latency. It addresses: Who, Where, When, How and Payment (cash, closed-loop and open-loop credit, invoicing and eGov / insurance reconciliation).

Our vision for the future of all eMobility Fleets is built on this robust platform.


VERB Group is leveraging upTAXI's technology and insight to launch a new suite of solutions to address a wide range of dispatch services for integrated SmartCity applications.


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