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FOCUS Online: Corona trap elevator - Measurement shows where risk lurks

"It is now known that people in cramped living conditions are more severely affected by the pandemic. Elevators in high-rise buildings are a real high-risk place. The physicist and aerosol researcher Gerhard Scheuch carried out an experiment on this."
"Many infections are transmitted via coughing and sneezing or smear infections. Somebody sneezes you or touches a door handle with germs, and you may have been infected. Corona viruses have a special feature: they are mainly transmitted by aerosols - tiny components that are exhaled even when speaking and are only almost harmless as a source of infection in the fresh air. In contrast, they can accumulate indoors.
The aerosol researcher and physicist Gerhard Scheuch has already explained in an interview with FOCUS Online what this means: "The longer an infectious person is in a room, the more the aerosol concentration increases. And it is still there after the person has long since left the room. If someone then enters this room, things can get tricky: you can become infected without even having hit the carrier. In this way, for example, 71 people in China were infected in an elevator," reports Scheuch."

Read the full article here.

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